Computer classes for me were more about relaxing in an air-conditioned room than learning complex things. As a result, I never realised the importance of software like MS Excel.

Tbh, I hated working on it and still do. But recently, when I learned that people use MS Excel for creating artwork, I wanted to know what other uses can it be put to, apart from boring formulas and calculations. And the findings are quite interesting.

1. You can use the Autoshape tool in Excel to create paintings.

Tatsuo Horiuchi , an 80-year-old man from Japan has been making amazing paintings on MS Excel, for 20 years now.


After his retirement, Horiuchi decided to create artwork on Excel and even won an Excel Autoshape Art Contest. He has now become popular all over the world for his paintings.


2. You can play Monopoly on Excel.

We all love playing the board game, Monopoly, but not many people know that Monopoly can also be played in Excel.

It was Andrew Werner who first created a Monopoly simulator in Excel. He thought of the idea while he was playing the board game with his wife and friends.

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3. You can create new Sudoku games on Excel.

Thanks to VBA, a programming language, we can easily create 9×9 grid of Sudoku in Excel and play unlimited number of games.

This handy tool from Bruce McPherson is a .xlsm file that can both create Sudoku puzzles and solve existing ones that you might be stuck on.


4. You can create slide puzzles in Excel.

Using a combination of macros, the cells of an MS Excel spreadsheet can be turned into tiles of the puzzle. You can make changes in the puzzle based on your knowledge of Excel.

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5. You can design and play a 3D maze in MS Excel.

Built into an Excel grid, 3D Maze was developed by Jordan Goldmeier. Using the arrow buttons in the spreadsheet, you can easily move around the maze. A map below the arrows can also help you navigate the maze.


6. Colorfill in MS Excel can be used to make portraits.

Antonio Radić, also known as Agadmator has the largest YouTube chess channel as of June 2020, with over 7,00,000 subscribers. He had shared a fan art on Reddit that showed the use of Colorfill option in MS Excel to create photos.


7. You can play Tetris in Excel.

Remember the most addictive game from our childhood? We could spend hours playing Tetris. The game can be played directly in Excel. There are countless different versions of Tetris available online that have been made in Excel.


Pretty cool, haan!