These resignations are honest, creative, quirky, and funny at the same time. People have simply poured their hearts out into how they felt at their workplace.  

Imagine being given a chance to share everything that was on your mind at your workplace. While you stay with that thought for a while, we bring to you some brutally honest resignation letters. 

1. What a vicious cycle this must have been!

2. Now that’s going out with a bang. 

3. When a meme writer chooses to resign. 

 4. My desire to know who this person is has intensified.  

5. Look what you made me do boss!

6. Bye. 

7. That’s sweet btw. 

8. Because you don’t get to know why I’m leaving. 

9. Keeping the doors open. 

10. Again. When a meme writer wants to resign. 

11. Straight and simple. Goodbye. 

12. The less said, the better it is. 

13. Sorry not sorry. 

14. Taking inspo from Guddu Bhaiya to resign. 

15. But this is so sweet. 

16. Remember the time when your boss said we’re family?

17. Yo, thanks. 

18. The cake looks yummy though. 

19. What do you think about this?

20. Taking the wrong way.

21. Burnt. 

22. I hope you got the paycheck. 

23. I’m thrilled to read this.

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