Do you agree with the title? If yes, read on because we have so many valid points on why work from home should not end.

Right after the pandemic hit our doors, we were forced to stay home, and working from home became a part of our life. Now every time my HR asks me to come to the office, I feel it’s pointless.

And here are so many other people who feel the same:

1. “Work from home allows me the freedom to manage work with chores, that too in comfortable clothes. It also gives me the freedom to work from different places – if the quality of my work is not depreciating, then why do I need to be physically present at a workplace to do it? Plus, I simply can’t deal with the idea of getting stuck in traffic, for 5 -6 days a week.”

Srishti Magan

2. “Honestly, it’s not only comfortable but also efficient. You save so much time, energy, AND money that goes into travelling. So of course, you’re more productive in a WFH setting. (On a side note: Delhi nahi jaana isliye WFH acha hai 😛)” 

Taniya Khan

3. “If you have to move cities, that’s a hassle and is also very expensive. If you have a long covid and are still feeling the after-effects of it, you will get better care at home. Less stress. Also, people shouldn’t have to do all this to do a job they have been doing from their homes for 2-3 years now.”

Smrutisnat Jena

4. “Well, it’s nice to work with no pants on. When everyone gets back to the office we have to put pants back on and pants suck.”

Raashi Dev

5. “Because I have gotten used to this system, and it works well enough for me and the employer. So I don’t see the need to end WFH.”

Ira Shukla

6. “No pants, no train travel, no metro travel, and no bath mornings. Home-cooked meals, nap time.”

Karen Dsouza

7. “I can’t imagine going back to the office fully dressed and dedicated to my desk for 9 hours of the day. Because I still want to take quick naps every hour after every task, also office politics se chutkara.”

 Karishma Pramanik

8. “Because I like the comfort of working in my pyjamas, grabbing snacks from my kitchen every hour, and because I like the comfort of knowing no one can see my acne or messy hair. Not to mention how much I love working with my legs stretched out on my sofa with a pillow to lean on while working!”

Harshita Singh

9. “WFH gives me the liberty to take power naps, walk, and cook without compromising on my work. Isn’t a healthy work-life balance the ultimate aim? I don’t want it to end.”

Tanisha Lele

10. “I live miles away from my office. So I’ve to travel from the suburbs to the city in a crowded local train for hours to reach the office. I really don’t want to do it every day. I’ll die of exhaustion lol.”

Nirmiti Kamat

11. “I save 10 hours a week commuting to work and back home. Plus I get to save a little on lunch since I make it from home. WFH is great.”


12. “I WFH and adore it; I only like socialising on my own terms. WFH means I don’t have to talk to people face to face which tires me out. I find it extremely easy to unwind as soon as it hits 5 pm, so I’m not sure what those people are on about.” 


13. “I personally think that working from home is so much more convenient and time-saving. It actually gives me space to maintain the right balance between my professional and personal life. In fact, it has improved my focus and work flexibility.”

Aaliyah Jain

14. “Why I don’t want WFH to end is because- comfort zindagi ka charam sukh hai. It helps me save so much money. Why go to the office when I can give the same output from home.”   

Navya Sahai Bhatnagar

Clearly, WFH is winning, right?

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