So you think you’re having a hard time explaining your job to your family or relatives? Nothing beats the awkward encounter this graphic novelist recently had. In a Twitter thread, Stephanie Cooke recounted an incident in which she was asked about her profession as an erotica writer for children. 

Cooke is a writer and editor who primarily works on comics and graphic novels for middle-grade and young adult audiences. And lately, while conversing with a woman, she was asked an intriguing question. When the author introduced herself as a graphic novelist, the person mistook her for an erotica writer. Honest mistake?

Cooke claimed that she was shocked to know that the author had made a full-time career out of it. In fact, she was quick to ask about what kind of market there was for such writers. 

Following the author’s account of her odd Q&A with the woman, other Twitter users shared similar experiences. And, judging by the comments, it appears that “graphic novel” isn’t a widely known term for a comic book.

Now, I feel we should switch back to the old jargon and call them comic books again.