There will likely be takers for most bizarre items, but that does not mean you should make them. Someone needs to tell that to Gucci and Adidas who have come together to design an umbrella that costs over 1 lakh rupees but isn’t waterproof so you can’t take it out when it’s raining.

Amazing idea, why did no one think of this before?

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There isn’t much point to it at all. Gucci’s website itself mentions that the thing is “decorative”. Okay, but then surely they could have come up with a cheaper product if its only purpose is to look good and provide some shade from the sun.


Anyway, while we are trying to figure out the reasoning behind this product, so are the Chinese. It is priced slightly higher in the country, and people just can’t wrap their heads around it.

The umbrella has become a topic of discussion in China. Meanwhile, the internet across the globe has some opinions.

Just put some sunscreen, throw your cap on and you’re good to go. Unless you have 1 lakh to spare, in which case, I will still advice you to go for the sunscreen and the cap.