Sure, the sole purpose of social networking sites is to go beyond geographical borders and connect with people. But the dilemma springs up after that. When the Internet has designed multiple platforms to get different kinds of things done, do we stick to the protocol, or do we breach it for our own convenience?

Remember the boss lady who hired a prospective groom on a matrimonial site? Or the people who claim to have met the love of their lives on LinkedIn

Another incident has joined the league of such cross-connections. A Twitter user stumbled upon a guy’s profile on Bumble where he is seeking…a flat to live in Mumbai.

The way he’s worded each response to fit his house-hunting criteria, man, the creativity will have people swiping right on him in a jiffy. And given how tough it is to find a livable rental flat in Mumbai, we can’t even blame him for leveraging every platform he can.

Twitter thinks this is both hilarious and smart.

If next time somebody asks you to prove that you live in Bombay without saying that you live in Bombay, show them this.