Let’s be honest, we all have made blunders while sending emails. While some of us forgot to attach the files, others addressed it to the wrong person but we all have been there. And, a job seeker accidentally sent a photo of a dog dressed as Steve Jobs instead of his resume to a potential employer.

Yes, Steve Jobs!


David Bryon Queen, the job seeker, took to his social media handle and shared a picture of the email he sent to the potential employer. However, instead of attaching his resume to his job application, he sent a picture of a dog dressed as the Apple founder, which also mentioned the years of his birth and death.

Needless to mention, netizens couldn’t control their laughter and this is how they responded:

While some people had a great laugh, others shared their stories as well.

And, some people just couldn’t stop making memes!

Well, the internet is a hilarious place!