A Twitter user named Aditya Morarka shared two images of no parking sign boards outside a house in Koramangala. Well, it looks like the house owners are pretty upfront, and no one would dare to park vehicles outside their house. 

We are often inclined towards doing restrictive things. Why? alag hi thrill milti hai. In today’s edition of hilarious stuff we see on Twitter, we found some no parking sign boards from Bangalore, and they are spot-on for people who park vehicles anywhere they want. 

Have a look: 

The signs also indicate how the house owners are used to this situation as they would not even let you park for 30 secs! Twittizens are comparing these parking boards with Pune and other cities. 

The post has gone viral, and people can’t help but chuckle at it. While some pointed out how owners cannot restrict people from parking on roads, some lauded the creativity of the house owners. Here’s what they have to say:

 That said, vehicle owners will think twice before parking outside this house. 

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