“Tattoos are bad for the skin.” 
“Tattoos don’t look good.” 
“People with tattoos are evil.”

More often that not, people with tattoos are judged. If you’ve been inked, you probably know the pain and the stereotypes that are attached to getting a tattoo. 


I mean, we’ve all been advised at least once by someone to not get a tattoo, right? But, we still did it/do it anyways. On that note, here are some hilariously relatable jokes on tattoos that’ll crack you up.

1. When you are insecure as hell but still try to act cool…

2. The truth be told. 

3. Something worth thinking about.

4. When your parents are trying to convince you to not get a tattoo…

5. BURN!

6. What a deep explanation!

7. When you are no longer a beginner…

8. Can’t argue with that.

9. Get over it!

10. When innocent kids ask innocent question…

11. When reality hits you hard…

12. Priceless reaction.

13. Well, guilty as charged.

14. When the tattoo trend was new in the early 2000s…

15. When your parents react to your tattoo…

16. When you are under the wrong influence…

17. When you get too creative…

18. Hypocrisy?

19. Reality of my life…

20. Totally agreed. 

21. Don’t think too much. Go for it. 

22. It’s true. 

23. Hard to decide which was worse.

24. Ouch!

25. The perfect tattoo indeed.

26. Someone please notice it. 

27. Yes, it’s funny. 

28. Then do it.

29. Good idea. 

30. It looks like a Christmas tree though. 

31. Who would have thought that?

32. But, why?

33. Oh the irony!

34. Is this for real?

35. Good for you.