Rahul Shivshankar has embarrassed viewers a lot of times before, but this may be the worst instance of it. 

Speaking to the Chief Editor of the Kyiv Post and the head of Ron Paul Institute – both situated in Ukraine, Shivshankar started yelling at the latter. He asked him to fight for his country before saying anything about India (the guest was presumably asking for support from the largest democracy in the world).


Shivshankar went on and on for about 2 minutes, without letting his guests speak. That wasn’t the worst part, though. The worst part was that he was addressing them with the wrong names.

Yes, he forgot which guest was which and it truly has to be one of the saddest moments of the Indian news TV coverage.

Anyway, here is how people reacted to the whole thing.

You know how when people get things wrong and other people notice them, they say “this must have been an intern”. Well, on behalf of all the interns…here you go!