After witnessing innumerable, mind-blowing VFX stunts, Indian television never fails to amuse us. I mean, who can forget the infamous “Mr McAdams!” saga:

Or Navika’s pathbreaking coverage of Taimur on the potty:

Indian media is truly one of a kind and this time we have a new entrant to news-comedy circus.

Competing for a spot at primetime TV’s newest low is the Telegu news channel TV-9. In a video that can best be described as …bizarre? a military tanker protrudes from the screen and blows up the anchor mid monologue. While the presenter was attempting to cover the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the graphics team couldn’t hold in their tricks any longer. 

Watch the video here:

The video was shared on Twitter by Sonam Mahajan to her 450k+ followers and has since gone viral.  

It seems that some Twitterati echo our sentiments:

We can only hope news channels start paying their graphic interns to avoid such beautiful disasters. Or not – this shit is funny.