At some point in the last 5 years, I developed a new sense of purpose – to stop every person I know from watching Indian television news. I can’t bear the thought even. Most of our anchors are a strange, if not dangerous bunch, who would be funny if they were not scary. Here are a few times these anchors went viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons. These instances should be enough to support my argument. 

1. In less than 24 hours, the ‘Mr. McAdams video’ has reached the farthest corners of the internet, so I am assuming you’ve watched it already. The second-hand embarrassment on this one is high, I know, but look, on the bright side, now the world knows what we have to deal with. It’s not just propaganda, but also the stupidity of our news anchors on a daily basis. 

Not sure if Mr. McAdams wanted this sort of high-scale publicity but if he did, then sir, this is the least you deserve to be on the same panel with Rahul Shivshankar (why did you agree to that, though?). 

2. Another classic. Every year, on the anniversary of demonetisation, this clip of Anjana Om Kashyap elaborating on the nano-chip technology, goes viral. For legitimate reasons. Her naivety is heartbreaking, she was speaking with so much trust, look at those eyes. 

3. Back in 2020, Times Now had grown disturbingly obsessed with Rhea Chakraborty for all the wrong reasons. It was during that time they got hold of a WhatsApp conversation that mentioned bouncing, as in leaving. However, the anchor confused it with bouncing, as in bank cheque not going through. 

They don’t have a research team or what? Though these guys don’t strike to me as people who’d consult other humans before speaking, so. 

4. Arnab Goswami’s drug meltdown which was a long time coming, if you ask me. Truly, in retrospect, this seems so predictable – like he had to do this at some point.

This rant was turned into a song on which people made reels on Instagram. Sentences I never thought I’d write.

5. When Navika really wanted Taimur to make an appearance on her show but Taimur was really not interested so he went to do potty. That’s one way to show displeasure towards Indian news channels. Taimur!

6. And then, Navika met India’s first Olympics gold medalist in track in field, Neeraj Chopra, and asked him a question one would naturally ask an athlete of his stature – whether he has a girlfriend?

Love how they peg it as – GOOD NEWS FOR GIRLS. What do they think “girls” of India are doing? Just sitting and simping on athletes?

7. When Arnab Goswami declared TikTok ban as a “SUDDEN”, “UNEXPECTED” move by PM Modi. It was neither.

8. Arnab also declared it to be a “surgical strike”, which created a ripple effect, and soon, Sudhir Chaudhari boarded the same train.

9. When Rahul Kanwal and Hindu Vahini Chief took things way too far during a debate and scared the hell out of the viewers. They were discussing the liberty (or lack of it) of an Indian couple. Could have been a relevant debate, but alas!

10. When Rahul Kanwal basically told a guest from Nagaland that the state isn’t a part of India. It was said that he made a ‘mistake’. A Prime Time news anchor can afford to make such a ‘mistake’?

Seriously, stop watching this nonsense so that they stop making it.