Men in this world, especially in India, believe they are (self-appointed) messiahs. The saviour complex is so intense that they stop employing logic too, at least as per daily soaps. ‘Cos what else is a ‘decent’ man’s role if not to save his woman?

In yet another episode of daily soaps breaching the bounds of logic to prove a point, we have a woman who is strangled by her own dupatta getting caught in the moving blades of an electric fan. 

What’s next, you ask? The man, desperate to exhibit his machismo, attempted to tear the dupatta with his teeth as if there was no other rational way to save her.

You don’t believe me? Spare 2 minutes of your day and watch this masterpiece. You wouldn’t regret it. (Or you might run behind me with a knife in your hand.)

The absurdity has evoked many questions in me. I would like to address them one by one. 

a) The most obvious: why didn’t the woman, as a reflex action, turn her head or free the other end of the dupatta?

b) The major concern of the ladies in the background is the marital status of the couple. They think that the incident has been staged to seek attention. WTAF?

c) Why is no one rushing to help the poor girl who’s actually trying hard to unplug the fan cable?

4) A genuine question: Which toothpaste do you prefer, sir? 

Twitter is unhinged and shaking its head in disappointment as if we expect anything better from Indian TV serials. 

In conclusion, I have one piece of advice for this man: Using your teeth is great but not using your brain is not.