Merriam Webster defines ‘rich’ as someone who has ‘abundant possessions, especially material wealth’. But honestly, it’s different for everyone. For some it’s so much more than just money. For others it’s all about money and leading a lavish lifestyle.

1. “When you go to the grocery store and don’t look at the price before buying anything.” – KTBLR

To this someone replied:

This is it, everything thing else is just secondary.

2. “₹ 4-5 lakh passive income per month.” – deepanshu0319

3. “Being able to afford a home chef who can cook fancy or simple meals as we wish, according to the dietary requirements of my whole family. 

Hire a personal coach for an entire year for whichever hobby I choose for that year. Like a trainer for getting fitter or a native speaker for learning new languages. 
Travel in business class when flying out of the country 100% of the time. Right now it’s usually for once a year vacations which we save up for.” – Electronic_Owl_4782

To this someone replied:

You go abroad once a year?……that’s already rich enough.

4. “When I can afford a posh 3 BHK in central business district of any of these cities – NY, London, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, Mumbai or Dubai without a loan. 2 cars – 1 SUV for long rides and 1 hatchback for the city commute. Have passive income coming in from my stock and real estate investments. open a small boutique cafe where I chit chat with customers. Visit a new country every 6 months and stay like the locals for however longest visitor visa allows me to stay. For income, I can always freelance.” – arya_sanity

That’s a long list.

5. “I think I’ll consider myself rich when I have enough money in my bank/investments that I don’t have to work a single day in my life again and I can go travel the world until I die.” – NeedPampering

6. “I will consider myself rich when I will have all the books that are on my wish list and have my own library at my mansion.” – amrit-9037

Sounds like a goal to have one’s own library.

7. “Rich for me is being able to buy a new 4BHK in Juhu.” – InterestingSensibles

8. “My aspirations since my childhood was to have my own house, eat 3-4 good meals a day, have a fulfilling career and marry the love of my life. I’m 31, I have all of these and more. But the biggest lesson I took from this is when a person is materialistic, no matter how much money you have or how much stuff you buy, it will never truly be enough. But, one should have enough to fulfill his/her basic needs.” – Impossible-Aerie-477

There were people who agreed with this one.

I agree. The first two bedroom apartment along with water heater made me feel rich. And after that, everything seems meh !!

9. “I consider myself almost there… I feel I’m rich enough that I can buy a 2k worth of serum or moisturizer (50ml only) without thinking of price to quantity+quality ratio.” – PsychologicalFoxAppu

10. “Being able to fund someone’s education without feeling a pinch.” – kanch0807

11. “Full tank petrol boss!” – rocketmallu

12. “No more ads anywhere on any screen I lay my eyes on.” – gesaffelstein

Giving new ideas to others.

Gotta add that to my bucket list. Never thought of it but it’s a great idea.

13. “Currently it’s about earning enough so that I can impress my girlfriend’s rich AF family. Having a wedding where my girl doesn’t have to compromise too much. In the long run, earning enough to save for a house, sending kids abroad for studies and not worrying about hospital bills.” – DesiSquidGameWinner

This sounds practical.

14. “I’ll consider myself rich when I can buy a no mortgage retirement home for myself, either in Goa or Manali.” – throwaway965344

15. “My rich life as of now is all about being able to order drinks for me and my friends without worrying about not being able to pay for it.” – terabaap69whatisthis

What does being rich mean to you?

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