A cruise ship is like a world of its own. I mean, since you’re out at at sea with nothing around, there obviously need to be in-house provisions for emergencies. 

Which is why this Australian woman’s TikTok about her experience with cruise ships is so interesting! In it, Lauren has talked about the secrets she stumbled across while working on a ship. 


Apparently, cruise ships have morgues and jail cells on the ship, in case any accidents occur or situations get out of hand. 

It’s kind of creepy. So there’s a morgue on board, there’s a jail on board. When we worked on a cruise ship we actually saw a dead body getting wheeled out of the morgue. Obviously they had a cover over it but that in itself is so creepy.

-Said Lauren


She also revealed that certain ships don’t have deck 13 on them, because the number is considered unlucky. 

Carnival does not have a deck 13 because it’s a superstitious thing. 

-Said Lauren

Comments on the video revealed that apparently, even certain hospitals refuse to have operating theatres numbered 13 for similar reasons. And in Canada, some apartment complexes don’t include a 13th floor in their buildings. 


Having a jail cell on board a ship makes sense, TBH. Nobody wants a serial killer running around on a ship. 

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