How much are we obsessed with the fusion of cultures? On a scale of 1-10, it’s fucking 11. And when the other side of the globe absorbs and exhibits something desi, we go berserk. 

So, I recently stumbled upon an Instagram page that has me absolutely captivated with this ‘Desi Gora’ who goes by the name of Raj Bhangu. He appears to be a foreigner, yet eats desi, grooves to desi music, and talks fluent Punjabi! I mean, just listen to him talk first, and then we shall proceed.

If you look closely, his body language and accent are exactly in sync. It’s like discovering dhoklas in a box of doughnuts, you know.

This amusing mingling of cultures is the result of his Sikh dad and videshi mom. Marriages do bring something so wholesome to the table, wow.

He also gave a shot at something that recently got Desi Twitter sulking *drumrolls* Chai Latte.  His reaction resonated with all of us ‘cos why mess with the original, eh?

Honestly, this guy is a mood. His on-point accent cracks me up every time and makes me appreciate the f*ck outta him. Genius. 

While some Indians forsake their roots the moment they move out of the country, it just feels warm when someone like @desi.gora_ embraces and enjoys exploring an Indian language.