What’s common between the shows like Roadies, Splitsvilla, and Troll police? It’s Rannvijay Singha. From being a contestant on Roadies to winning the first season to hosting the show to being a judge of Roadies, Rannvijay has come a long way. 


Rannvijay has been a part of and hosted many reality tv shows. The latest show on the list is Shark Tank India. Along with hosting Shark Tank India, he also promotes the sponsors of the show, and that’s where this article begins. 


People of Reddit are having a crucial discussion. They are asking what is the purpose of Rannvijay on Shark Tank India? The memes and the tweets of him being on the show are getting so popular that chances are Rannvijay might be asking himself the same question. 

Some are saying, the answer will be revealed in season finale.

Others are adding to this fun revelation that all the money invested on Shark Tank India was actually Rannvijay’s, and he is super rich in real life.

Some are saying the reason Rannvijay is on the show is that Sony wanted to troll him.

While one Redditor mentioned how Rannvijay wasn’t even invited to The Kapil Sharma Show along with the judges of Shark Tank India

And some are making fun of him for gifting upgrad courses to the contestants who are IIM pass out. 

Rannvijay even trolled himself in this video, saying he’d be selling flyers outside the finale party that the Shark Tank India judges would be having on the 4th of February. 

Someone even mentioned how it’s Rannvijay’s ‘downgrad’ that he is selling courses of upgrad. 

And if you think these Reddit responses were funny, then here are some tweets for you as well.

With Rannvijay not being there on the show, Anupam trolled him, saying it’s like no salesman is standing outside their shops. On the same live stream, with all the seven Shark Tank India judges present,  Rannvijay also talked about the memes circulating about the show. Watch the judges and Rannvijay talk about Shark Tank memes in the video below. 

Do you also have any fun anecdote regarding the purpose of having Rannvijay on Shark Tank India? Let us know in the comments below. 

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