They may label you as secretive, self-absorbed, or even pompous, but deep down you know you’re simply a nice little introvert. Although the public image is that you despise people, you know for a fact that you are just ‘Unbothered. Moisturised. Happy in your own lane. Focused. Flourishing’.

Well, it seems like for the first time, the internet is trying to slip into the skin of introverts and is rolling out memes that are exclusively by and for them. 

So, the introverts of Twitter (and also extroverts) brace yourselves as we bring to you the finest memes that scream ‘introvert hu bhai.’

While netizens have been displaying their introvert behaviour, food delivery service Zomato also jumped on the bandwagon, sharing an ‘introvert hu bhai’ meme.

While these memes have been cracking us up, there are a set of other memes from the other side of the fence too that make you go ROFL.

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How much relatable is too much relatable?