If you ever feel there’s some severe lack of motivation in your life, scroll LinkedIn for a minute and observe how your quest for inspiration soon converts into an unsurmountable dose of pressure. The seemingly ‘professional’ social media platform is an abode to outrageous employers validating toxic work culture, old school friends overachieving in their lives, and literally every connection proudly proclaiming their job change to the world.

LinkedIn investor

But even in the vastly chaotic world of LinkedIn, there exist rare moments of respite, thanks to hilarious LinkedIn profiles.

A renowned Twitter (ugh, now, X) account dedicated to ‘The State of LinkedIn‘ (@StateOfLinkedIn) recently posted a snapshot of a profile where somebody has added their work experience as an ‘investor’ of all the big tech giants, including Alphabet and Microsoft, they have invested in.

While it makes sense to some extent, it’s very hilarious. Here’s how people are reacting:


Updating my profile now, adios!

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