So many people dream of working at big tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, et cetera, but a guy on LinkedIn works in all of them at once. But not in the way you’re thinking! 

A Twitter user shared a snapshot from a man’s LinkedIn profile showcasing hilarious job descriptions for the Big Tech Companies that got everybody in splits.

So apparently, this man is a Facebook lover who loves searching his own name on Google and ordering his favourite products from Amazon while postponing Apple updates for up to 8 months and paying for a shared Netflix account used by 5 family members spread across the world. (Woah! Is this guy a genius or what?)

His job description has made me realize that LinkedIn is truly a social media for the professional world because people end up putting really bizarre and unforgettable job descriptions at times.

Here’s how Twitteratis reacted to it.

Here’s another guy who argued a lot at Google.

And there’s this person who’s very ‘content.’

Truly. I also succeeded in getting free access to Netflix once. I have been a great Account Recruiter in the past!


Ahh! We truly are.

Tricks of the trade!

Here’s a truth bomb.

Are you also updating your LinkedIn? Shouldn’t every BIG or SMALL contribution matter? So I work at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, Apple, Nykaa, and so many other companies besides my career in writing. I am loaded guys!