You know what you and one of the richest people in the world, Jeff Bezos, could have in common? You can both wear a 1000 rupee shirt from Amazon.

If you’re not following, let me present you a photo of Jeff Bezos at Coachella that is going viral on the internet.

jeff bezos coachella
The Cut

In the picture, Jeff can be seen chilling at Coachella with Lauren Sànchez, wearing a blue butterfly print shirt, and people loved his carefree vibe.

A Redditor mentioned how they have a similar shirt in their closet.

But another Redditor with a keen eye found out the exact same shirt that Jeff was wearing, and it was listed on Amazon for $12! That’s like ₹980.

jeff bezos coachella shirt on amazon

Now, that could definitely be a knockoff but netizens are having a field day with the idea that Jeff Bezos was wearing a shirt costing less than a 1000 bucks.

jeff bezos

Well, maybe you too can feel like a billion dollars by wearing this ₹1,000 shirt.