Matters of the heart are important, which is probably why ‘the big declaration of love’ is the selling point of all rom-coms. Here, one person leaves everything to admit their feelings – just in time. But, realistically you gotta file for leave first. And adding on to the series of honest leave applications, today we have a person who wants to bring his upset wife back home. 


Shamshad Ahmed, a Kanpur based government official wrote a detailed letter to his senior which has now gone viral. The subject of the application read – ‘roothi patni ko mayke se laane ke liye avkash prathna patr’. He also mentioned that their dispute was related to the matters of ‘love’ or as he put it ‘pyaar-mohabbat ki baat’. I mean, is someone adapting this for a rom-com? 

India Today

In his letter, Shamshad also mentioned that he was hurt, and had to visit his wife to bring her back from her maternal home with the children. To make amends and to resolve the fight, he requested leave for 3 days. And honestly, I’m rooting for them – who wouldn’t? 


The good news is, his senior approved the application. And now we wait for the happy ending.