Having kids changes one’s life, that’s what the majority of parents seem to believe and it makes sense too. No amount of advice, suggestions, and tutorials can prepare you for the challenges on your way, which include awfully deep questions/remarks. Here are examples of the same below (warning – these children are weirdly fascinated with the concept of not existing).

1. One hundred percent, little one, but we don’t talk about these things okay?

2. Intelligent kid.

3. Practicality hurts sometimes, but it’s necessary.

4. I ask myself the same question before bathing so I guess somethings never change.

5. Legit!

6. The kid’s tripping.

7. Children notice everything.

8. “Are we in a simulation mom?”

9. It’s as simple as that.

10. We know of a woman who married herself, so yes, a tunnel seems possible.

11. These kids are a little too comfortable with the idea of death.

12. I wish everything could be this easy to give up. Just say, “It’s not working”. 

13. Still a better understanding of social distancing than many, many adults.

14. How about you go and have your pancakes?

I peeled paint off walls and ate it when I was 4.