Landlords have always been the butt of the jokes. Fairly so. But have you ever wondered the tenants are on that side of the table? The weird AF side.

You may have heard about the bizarre landlord rules, but for a change, try to hear the other side of the story too. So here are some gut-churning incidents that landlords have shared, perhaps this is the reason they have a checklist of odd rules.

1. “Bathtub full of shit. Which initially made no sense cause, you know, why shit in a tub when there is literally a toilet right beside the tub? But then we open the lid of the toilet seat and the solid chunk of fetid, ossified shit clarified the issue. The toilet could not take any more shit.”

– googss

2. “We ripped open the wall and found a stash of stuff from the late 1800s. Talking guns, coins, etc.”

– sivablue 

3. “We found ‘his’ and ‘hers’ matching vibrators.”

4. “We found two cats in kitchen drawers. They survived. Found a pet rat in another apartment. It survived too.”

5. “My parents found some unfortunate stuff after a tenant moved out. The guy had been pouring cat litter on the carpet instead of a litter box.”

6. “When the tenant finally moved out, we found he had planted a tree. That had grown up to the second-story roof. 3′ from the back door.”

7. “I went in and it was a disaster zone. Their child had stuck stickers all over the wood floor and walls, as well as scratched the walls up, the sink was piled with dirty dishes, the blankets were filthy, there were garbage bags everywhere…but the worst is that they had left remains of a watermelon.”

8. “We went into one unit, and were hit with an ungodly stench as soon as we opened the door. the tenant had taken newspaper pages and spread them out onto the floor, and then urinated on them. He/she must have been doing it for YEARS!”

– sithtea 

9. “When we finally went inside we found decades’ worth of newspapers, covered in animal feces and urine, oh and he also left his pets behind.”

10. “Wigs. The dude had a lot of women’s wigs.”

11. “We found a meth lab in the basement, and called the police to report it. The house was pretty much trashed as well.”

12. “Girlfriends parents rent out a home, found a security camera in the bathroom… Some weird shit, don’t wanna know what was going on in there.”

13. “I’ll never forget my first rental cleanup. Almost right away found the sex blowup doll under the bed clearly usedl. Up to that point, I thought they only existed as a joke.”