In a list of things which happen only in Uttar Pradesh, a lineman from Bareilly who was fined by a policeman cut off the power supply to the Hardaspur police station. Sounds wild? Read further.

The lineman, Bhagwan Swarup, had his bike pulled over at a checkpoint. The policeman, Modi Singh, asked him to produce the registration papers for his bike. The lineman failed to do so as a result of which he was issued a challan of ₹500.

According to reports, the lineman suggested that he could go back to his place and bring the required documents but the officer refused to give in. Irked by the challan, the lineman decided to get back in a typical UP-esque style. Laden with badle ki bhavna, Swarup teamed with his colleagues at the Electricity Department and decided to cut the power supply to the police station.

The news went viral on social media and it sparked a wild reaction on Twitter.

Speaking to the media, Swarup mentioned how the police station was using electricity without an electric meter, which is illegal. A classic tit for tat moment, we say.