Turning Oscars 2022 into one of the most unforgettable events for all the wrong reasons, Will Smith ‘smacked the sh*t’ out of Christ Rock for making his wife Jada Smith’s tightly cropped hair the butt of the jokes.


Will Smith might have avoided punching since he could have made his point in other ways, but he still drew a line between what can and cannot be passed off as a joke. 

And when we say this incident had made its mark in history, how can it not be previously done in Bobbywood? 

Will Smith may have tried to stand up for his wife in 2022, but Lord Bobby did so in 2001 with his film Ajnabee.


In the place of Chris Rock, we have Akshay Kumar’s character cracking a joke on Lord Bobby’s wife, infuriating him. The former then faced the wrath of the Lord for placing ‘gandi nazar’ on his wife.


Lord Bobby made his point by grabbing his collar.

You can watch Lord Bobby in his daanav avatar as Akshay didn’t keep Bobby’s wife’s name out of his f*cking mouth. 

Twitter isn’t surprised anymore because well, it happens first in Bobbyverse and then anywhere else. 

Hence proved, Lord Bobby > Will Smith.