A man’s nightmare became a reality after he accidentally chopped off his genitals while half asleep.

Reportedly, a farmer named Kofi Atta was dreaming about slaughtering a goat when he cleaved off his penis. This gruesome incident took place in Assin Fosu on August 12. 

Atta suffered severe injuries during the mishap and woke up to this mess and lay in his chair bleeding. He soon yelled for help, and the neigbours luckily found him. 

I was sitting in my chair when I dozed off. In my sleep, I dreamt that I was cutting some meat in front of me. I don’t remember how I got the knife, I was so confused.

His wife was not present when the incident occurred and the neighbours reached out to her. She soon rushed home to this sheer horror and quickly brought diapers to support her husband. 

People on Twitter are shocked and have a lot to say about this. 

He is being treated at a hospital in the Central Region of Ghana. The doctors have said he needs to undergo surgery, for which he’s raising money.

Though we are unsure whether he suffers from any sleep related disorders reports claim, he may be affected by parasomnia — a term for unusual behaviors experienced during different stages of sleep.

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