Finding a seat in the Delhi Metro is a task. Most times people forcefully try to fit in the tiniest spot where they don’t belong, just like they forced ‘love storiyaan’ in Kesariya. But yes, metro rides are a lot about continuous standing and it does get tiring. And among the many things that are prohibited, sitting on the floor is one – which we only accepted after being fined for it.

But, there’s someone who’s more creative than that. A Twitter user shared a picture of a man sitting on a stool in the metro, which he brought himself. He’s also seen working, without a care in the world. The caption of the post reads – ‘Loved it. He brought his own stool and started working’. And, that’s pretty much what happened here. 

Quite a solution, though. Because the only thing that holds us back from travelling in the metro, other than the weird smell, is the constant standing up. I know, I try to submit my body weight to those handles. But that doesn’t really help, I can hardly feel my hands after that.

Of course, Twitter was genuinely impressed. 

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