The Delhi metro is pretty much half of what being a Delhiite is about. It is a significant part of the city and is probably one of the most relatable topics of discussion for people residing in Delhi. Which is why we just had to share this Reddit thread discussing the metro train and its different lines.

India Today

In it, people reveal the metro lines they love… and more interestingly, the ones they hate and why: Take a look!

1. Green. Because the interchange is a pain. First you change at Kirti Nagar. Next, you change at Ashok Park main. I don’t know why you’ve to interchange for the same line. At least, that’s how it was a few years ago.

– kcapoorv

2. Yellow ka AC sabse best hai.

– Ok_Needleworker169

3. Try Pink’s (AC), it starts giving chills if you sit continuously for more than 1 hour.

– vanillastrings

4. Red and Green are the worst.

– Patient-Street2790

5. Red line is the worst.

– stymprshr

6. Red. Jab dekho harr vaqt bheed bc.

– ComeOnSayYupp

7. Yeh kya baat hui, sab Red Line ko isliye bura bol rahe hain kyunki uspe gareeb janta travel karti hai jamnapaar ke baad.

– dommy345

8. Blue aur Pink lines are maintained a lot better. Pink toh khair cyberpunk hi lagta hai kabhi kabar. Neon lights mein Devnagri station naam.

– Kaizukamezi

9. The actual reason is, the red line is the first line of the Delhi Metro, the coaches running on it have been running for years.

– Neonklight

10. Green Line is so slow and kinda confusing. It takes kaafi time in arrival. Red line sucks only at interchange stations, cause bheed bohot hota hai but it’s similar to Rajeev Chowk.

– Low_Broccoli42

11. Red’s among the oldest of all the metros and kinda the least maintained too, so it might give off not-so-chill vibes to many people, when you have almost cyberpunk lines like Pink. While Green seems like almost a small, weird tram to me. I have only travelled in it once or twice, it has a very short length and the coach width seems pretty small too.

– vanillastrings

12. Travelled by Red years and years ago (2011-12-ish) and what I didn’t like about it at the time was the quality of the crowd. I remember men taking up nearly a fourth of the ladies compartment and shamelessly ogling women. When told to return to their own compartment, they got confrontational. It was not a great a experience overall but I was also much younger at the time and scared of ruffling feathers. I have regularly travelled by Blue/Yellow Line however and have rarely had this kind of an experience. People are mostly respectful of the ladies compartment and even the general coaches are okay when travelling for 4-5 stations.

– LordessMeep

13. Best one is the Orange Line for sure. Worst is probably Red.


14. I don’t understand the rationale behind people saying Red is the worst. I travel on the Red Line daily between Shastri Nagar and Rithala. If it’s a logistic issue of crowdedness, I find that more on Blue and Yellow (people use it more so it’s bound to be more crowded). If it’s because of the crowd, that’s plainly classist. I haven’t come across issues of people being dicks on the Red Line, and I’ve been using it for the past 4 years.

– rajoreddit

15. Bro the crowd that travels from Kashmiri Gate to New Bus Adda sucks. No mask, no cleanliness, no manners.

– Aridaman21

16. Blue and Red are the most depressing. Pink is cool.

– fighting_pain

17. Don’t want to offend people, but as a partially colour blind person, I really wish they would’ve actually numbered the lines instead of coloured them. Violet and Blue Line confuse me.

– Blue_Eagle8

18. Pink > Yellow > Red. That’s my personal opinion. Pink that starts from Shalimar Bagh, is my fav, driverless!

– PatientOne3053

Well, what an informative thread! Much needed IMO.