Delhi is facing challenging times. The city is face to face with a flood-like situation caused by the recent incessant rains which has led to river Yamuna swelling to dangerous levels. Yamuna passed the danger mark and flooded many low-lying areas and also came to the major roads in the city. And that’s not all, the water also reached the Red Fort.

red fort yamuna delhi flood

This led many internet users to share pics of the Red Fort from back in those days when the mighty Yamuna used to flow near the back wall of the Red Fort. The present situation at the heritage site is eerily similar. Taking to Twitter, Harsh Vats – a PhD scholar – shared a before and after picture of the monument. One photo shows a Mughal-era painting of the Red Fort when Yamuna flowed behind it. The other shows the monument in its present state. He wrote, “A river never forgets! Even after decades and centuries pass, the river would come back to recapture its borders. Yamuna reclaims its floodplain.”

Take a look at the tweet here.

The tweet has blown up on social media. It has fetched over 13.4K likes and over one million views. Many people wrote about how nature is utterly powerful and no man cannot change its ways. While some called out the user for romanticising the flood which has rendered many people homeless.

Here’s what they had to say.

The Yamuna receded from 207.98m to 206.54m. Rescue operations are underway.