The human brain is an absolute genius when it comes to inventing something that will have no specific use. This man, with his unique invention, proves the statement. Allen Pan has invented a unique robot suit that allows snakes to walk with legs. Yes, you read that right.

Allen Pan, an engineer and a YouTuber, took to his YouTube channel to share a video of a snake walking in his invention. Titled “Giving snakes their legs back”, the YouTube video has received more than two million views and 118K likes. He mentions how he ‘feels bad for snakes’ because ‘they lost their legs’ to evolution. He was adamant to see snakes with legs and that’s what propelled him to create this robot suit.


The suit is a long hollow tube with robotic legs that can be controlled from a laptop. Allen puts the calm snake into the tube with its head sticking out on one end and controls the snake’s movement. Ironically, the suit makes the snake slower than it was when it would slither on the ground. Allen found his test subject at a local snake breeder’s place. His subject was a female python.

Speaking to the media, Allen said, “I cannot get over the image of the snake crawling into its robotic exoskeleton”.This unique invention went viral on social media. This is what netizens had to say.

Our ancestors thought that we might have flying cars by 2022, but here we are with walking snakes.