If you have spent anything more than 5 minutes on LinkedIn, you already know about people’s passion to motivate others on the platform. While those posts themselves are quite amusing at this point, occasional satire is good too. 

For instance, this post by social media strategist Madhur Singh. In a now-viral post, among other things, he wrote:

Thrilled to announce that I have bought a Tata Tiago. Payment in full. No loan. No installments. I saved money for years to buy a car. I did not go to parties with friends. Neither did I buy expensive gifts for my girlfriend or wife. If my mom sent me to buy sabzi, I’d ask sabzi wala to give dhaniya mirch for free so I can save those ₹10 for my car.

Now, some people actually thought he was being serious, which is something we would have found funny if LinkedIn wasn’t full of the most absurd, random shit.

Anyway, here are a few reactions to what Madhur wrote. 

The people who seemed to have taken this seriously, have they really or are they bluffing too? Who knows?!