While dating apps are probably the new change that we’ve witnessed. There are newer things – like people using these dating apps for multiple purposes. Here I’d like to quote Jake Peralta – “Stuff can be two things. Open up your refrigerator, and boom air conditioner. Life hacked.” 

This time a man from Mumbai used Tinder to seek sisters, after feeling FOMO on Raksha Bandhan all his life. Single children would relate. The Redditor shared his well-planned strategy that actually worked out. He mentioned how he has been changing his tinder bio two weeks before Raksha Bandhan, since two years. And this led to him finding two sisters. I see some sorcery with the number ‘two’, however I’d swiftly move on. 

His bio would read – ‘Looking for a sister to hangout during Rakshabandhan’. After finding sisters through the dating app, he mentioned that the three of them have even decided to celebrate it together this time. While that sounds wholesome, Tinder just got a Sooraj Barjatya version. 

Redditors have a lot to say about this plot twist.  

Akshay Kumar is probably using this plot for a sequel.