If sleeping is something that comes naturally to you, and you feel that sleeping is the only thing you can do exceptionally well, then we have found the perfect job for you. A US-based mattress firm is looking for candidates with “exceptional sleeping ability.”


Casper, a New York-based company, is hiring “Casper Sleepers” where you would be paid to sleep on the job. According to the company’s job posting, their ideal candidate is someone “who has exceptional sleeping quality”, “a desire to sleep as much as possible”, and “the ability to sleep through anything” just to state a few.

If these are the qualities you possess, then wait till you hear the perks. The perks include free products, a comfy pyjama dress code, and part-time work hours!

However, there is just one time when sleeping will not be required on the job. That’s when the hired candidates will have to share their experience across the social media channels of the company in a Tik Tok style video.

The news of this job posting went viral and this is what Twitter had to say.

Time to apply for a US visa and put these sleeping skills to good use.