As one of the pillars of democracy, the judiciary and people in charge of upholding the law have a lot to take care of. They do extensive research and discussions to reach conclusions that benefit the people of the country. Sometimes the rulings do not achieve this goal, and that is one issue, another is bizarre cases and arrests. Here are some examples.

1. Is Nimbooz a lemonade or is it fruit juice?

I know, I know this is important for the consumer market for taxes, etc…it’s still head-turning in a funny way. Also, with a tremendous backlog of very important cases, this is what takes priority?

They settled on ‘fruit juice’, by the way.

2. The arrest of an abusing parrot.

This weird guy taught his parrot to abuse his stepmother who informed the police about it. The owner and the bird were subsequently arrested. The parrot’s name was Hariyal. Sorry buddy this wasn’t your fault, humans are strange.

Times of India

3. Ranveer Singh Yadav – the man sacked over 5 paise won the case 40 years later.

DTC, which has a lot to figure on almost every end, chose to fight a legal battle against an ex-employee who was accused of wrongfully keeping 5 paise to himself while working on a bus. he won the case in 1990 but DTC took it further to higher courts. In 2019, the High Court ordered DTC to pay ₹30,000 Ranveer, along with an additional ₹2.65 lakhs for gratuity and CPF.


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4. ‘The Hairy Hand’ case, 1929.

George A. Hawkins’ burned the inside of his hand when he was just a kid. To get it worked on, he went to a local doctor with his father. This doctor promised them that he will ‘fix’ the situation and went ahead to do exactly the opposite. He took the skin off Hawkins’ hairy chest and stitched it to his palm so now Hawkins had a hairy hand (hence the name).

The court ordered the doctor to provide compensation to the family, in a ruling that has since become iconic.

Huddleston TX CPAs

5. Parrot that was arrested for alerting the drug-dealing owner.

Another parrot story! This troublemaker from Brazil was booked because it knew how to alert its drug-dealing owner and did exactly the same during a raid. It used to shout “Mum, the police!”. What a guy.


6. Will the real Tunday Kababi please stand up?

I am from Lucknow so I personally find great legitimacy in this case, but anyway. There was a long fight over lineage as the owner of Lucknow Wale Tunday Kababi, ironically situated in Delhi, said that he was the maternal grandson of Haji Murad Ali ‘Tunday’, the man who started the famous chain.

The court ruled in favour of Tunday Kababi Lucknow, though, declaring it to be the original. Damn effing right.

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7. Ruling on Sardar jokes.

Okay, in all seriousness, this is an issue that needs introspection because jokes on Sardars are often out of line and stereotype them. But it’s a societal issue, not legal – something that was also stated by the Supreme Court. 

Sikhs are a highly respected community but you’re bringing it down by fighting litigation to ban these jokes. Even if we issue guidelines who will control it?

Hindustan Times

8. What is chappal? What is a sandal?

This was again an issue about customs duty, and it required the Delhi High Court to define which was which. The court said that footwear without a back strap is a sandal and the one with, can be categorised as a chappal.

Thinking of those parrots.