It is not very common to see a lawmaker accept that their perspective on a certain matter could be flawed and that they need to learn more. 

A Madras High Court juror did just that. It was a good example of what the justice system should look like, and here are some other instances of the HC giving judgements that that restored our faith in the judiciary.

1. Madras High Court judge Justice N Anand Venkatesh, deciding to take psycho-education to understand the concept of homosexuality better. 


2. The court ruling that read, “When it comes to life, there should be no VIP culture”, stressing that everyone has an equal right to live and the resources should not be distributed in terms of wealth.

Bar And Bench

3. The recent election campaigns have received a lot of heat from the people, given the situation of the country and the complete lack of social-distancing rules during such events. Making a bold ruling on the same, the Madras High Court told the EC:

Your institution is singularly responsible for the situation today. No action is taken against political parties raking out rallies despite court orders. Your officials should be booked on murder charges probably.
The Guardian

4. And in what was one of the very few voices questioning the state’s authority, the court noted, “Why are we in the present situation? What happened during the last 12 to 14 months? Why? Why are we jumping into action in the end of April to ensure that June becomes better?”.

The Financial Express

5. When a Madras High Court bench was hearing a plea on water pollution, it said, “Can’t leave the world so toxic that we breed the future only to poison”.


6. When a same-sex couple was facing opposition from parents, the Madras High Court came to their rescue. This was the statement made by Justice N Anand Venkatesh on the case, “To be open, I am also trying to break my own preconceived notions about this issue…What is required for the present is an understanding of the issue in hand”.

The Times Of Israel

“Justice is the sum of all moral duty.”