While Mumbai has local trains, Delhi has its humble metro. And just like any other means of transportation, the Delhi metro has its own pros and cons. We found a thread on Reddit where users shared the kind of people who irritate the most in the metro, and the answers are so relatable.

Hindustan Times

According to Redditors, here are the 15 kinds of people who are the most irritating in Delhi Metro.

1. “People blasting reels.” – ankitdlboy

2. “This has happened to me a couple of times. People ask me to switch to the seat next to me because they want to sit with their friends or family. This is fine, but the thing is they would ask me to sit on the ladies’ seat. And when I tell them I can’t do that because some lady on the next station would make me leave that seat, they act like I am not being cooperative and all.” – BilFos

3. “Those who can’t follow the simple rule of letting people alight first and then to enter. For heaven’s sake, it is blasted in the metro speakers before every station.” – 2assassin_fdgod2

4. “I really hate people who love to stand on metro gates blocking the entry even when the whole metro coach is empty.” – Failedx3


5. “Men who stare with the most horrible gaze towards me.” – bladdersux

6. “People who try to peep at your phone screen. Stop being nosy.” – NoJudge1453

7. “Guys who just start doing pull-ups for no reason and be loud AF.” – thesedaysnicoo

8. “Some people who spit gutkha or something as soon as the gates open.” – Original-Aioli-3380

9. “People who loudly use profanity. FFS, there are other people around you.” – Khooni_Murga

10. Woh log jo ki seat naa hone ke baad bhi bolte hai thoda side ho jao, mujhe bhi baithna hai.” (Translation: Those who ask you to shift and adjust even when there is no space) – innocentguyhere

11. “The kind of people who click photos without asking and post them on Reddit or any other social media platform.” – Hallie-vallie

12. “Loud music or people jumping for the next seat.” – RudeCry0

13. “Kids running inside the metro car. Nothing personal but I really don’t want to deal with your obstinate parents after you run into me and fall.” – abusername_taken

14. “People not making way or at least having the basic etiquette of leaving one-half of the escalator empty for people actually in a rush. People who just barge into the metal detector when the signs and the security clearly ask you to wait behind the yellow line before your turn. People who place their stuff over other people’s bags with no concern for fragile items in the bag in the X-ray machine.” – SandwichDistinct

15. “People who talk irrationally loud on call or to the other person. Children. Women with long hair who keep it down in a crowded metro. People who come up and say, ‘please shift’, in the seat for one person.” – Educational-War8606

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