If there’s one thing that’s constant in our lives, it’s our mom’s advice to us.

If Instagram is your thing, you must be aware of the accounts ‘dude with sign‘, ‘dudette with sign‘ and ‘dog with sign’. Next in line is ‘mother with sign‘, an account which features all the gems our mothers have been telling us, since forever.

Pranav Sapra, a guy based in Delhi, started this account for his mother. In conversation with ScoopWhoop, he elaborated on the reason behind starting this account for his mom.

I was a rebel as a teenager and never listened to what my mom had to say. Now when I realise that it was all for my good, I thought of conveying this to others too. And no other platform could be better than Instagram. Kids generally do not listen to their parents in real life, but they might pay attention if their parents say the same things on Instagram.

Remember all those fights and arguments with your mom over lauki and tori?

Aren’t moms supposed to be our alarms by default? 

Living away from home, now I realise how important and true this is.

The account also encourages guest posts. Like this one from one of Pranav’s friend’s mom.

Apart from all the instructions our mothers keep giving us, they also give us some valuable life lessons.

Netizens found these posts way too relatable.

Aakhir maa toh maa hoti hai.

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