Humour would be the last thing on our minds when we think of police. But Mumbai Police is different. No matter what the issue is, it has a social media post ready for it. 

No matter what your response to their posts are, they are ready with their witty comebacks. Their social media accounts – Instagram and Twitter – are a laughter ride.

1. When they sent a clear message on both consent and staying at home on New Year’s Eve.

The Mumbai police had shared this WhatsApp chat to advise people to stay at home on 31st December.

When a person asked:

What if I reach her place by 11 PM and stay there overnight?

It replied:

2. When their Twitter account completed 5 years.

3. When they gave pop culture references and sent across important messages on road safety and cyber security.

4. When they shared a popular Bollywood movie poster to create awareness about wearing masks.

5. When they referred to monolith appearances and asked people to be aware about suspicious objects around them.

6. The time they gave one of the wittiest replies to actor Ajay Devgn’s tweet lauding Mumbai police for working tirelessly during lockdown.

7. When they hit the right chord by comparing fake news to soan papdi on Diwali.

8. Time and again, the Mumbai Police gives references to the popular social media trend: How it started vs how it’s going.

9. When they shared the story of tracking a gang of ATM robbers while giving reference to ‘Money Heist’.

10. When they made the right point by sharing a picture of Ludo and advising people to stay at home during lockdown.

11. When they made phrases out of pop culture references to spread awareness about staying at home.

12. When they wished Sachin Tendulkar on his birthday and asked people to stay at home in the same post.

Meme-bai police for a reason, right?