Apple CEO Tim Cook is visiting India for the launch of the country’s first-ever Apple stores in Mumbai and Delhi. Yesterday, we saw him opening the doors of Apple BKC to an excited crowd waiting outside the store.

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At the Apple BKC opening, he was surprised to see a loyal customer carrying the brand’s 1984 Macintosh. On a different note, Twitter was surprised to see Cook and Indian actress Madhuri Dixit hanging out while enjoying his life’s first-ever Vada Pav at renowned Swati Snacks.

Naturally, as is the case with social media, Apple CEO’s visit to India has courted many funny reactions in the memes world. Take a look:

Possibility. Ambanis can do ANYTHING. Look at These 10 Wild Things Only ‘The’ Ambani Family Could’ve Done Cuz Wo KUCH BHI Kar Sakte Hain.

Gada Electronics, the OG.


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