Every new year brings new year’s resolutions that most of us make to break. Brimming with self-belief that only ever lasts till the first party’s hangover, we resort to our same old ways in no time. But, to be honest, this shouldn’t ever stop us from making promises to ourselves, however exaggerated they may be cos – A) they’re great fun B) we may actually end up inculcating them in our lives.


Speaking of this, there are some resolutions that some celebrities must make this year, seeing how their year has been. And well, in a really hypothetical world, if we had to make one for them, here’s what they’d be:

1. Shah Rukh Khan: To open, continue, and end this year with back-to-back ₹1,000-crore blockbusters cos SRK is BOLLYWOOD.

Or perhaps, to go back to being the ‘King of Romance’ because that’s eternal.

Scene from Jawan

2. Anushka Sharma: To keep setting relationship goals and couple goals because the world needs to know what standards are.

And perhaps, moving beyond wishing ‘love and light’ for people on their birthday also wouldn’t be too bad to look at.


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3. Mukesh Ambani: To bring Taylor Swift’s tour to India for Indian Swifties and NOT for a private concert.

Still can’t get over the fact the man really got Beyoncé to perform at his daughter’s pre-wedding celebrations.

4. Alia Bhatt: To not talk about her ‘now husband, then boyfriend’ in interviews.

5. Ranbir Kapoor: To not give any interviews.

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6. Rakhi Sawant: To not stop shayaris. To never stop shayaris.

7. Ranvir Singh: To bring back the ‘soft boy era’ in Bollywood movies.

Seriously, we’ve had enough of action! Let’s go back to the 2000s!

The Quint

8. Sara Ali Khan: To quit trying to be relatable.

Earlier this year, Sara Ali Khan, in an interview with Vogue India, said, “I wear my honesty with more pride than any designer clothes. In fact, I don’t have a single pair of designer clothing in my wardrobe. I know people initially judged me for it but I’m happy that they can now not only appreciate but also identify with me because of these very reasons.” Naturally, her comment did not go down very well online.

9. Jaya Bachchan: To be nice to paps every once in a while.

Seeing them following up with these resolutions sure sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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