Telling a woman what to do is society’s way to control them. While we strive to be more equal and inclusive towards women, something crappy always comes in between. 

This tale of a workplace telling women what to wear, rather, the way of describing it, is so regressive that one might have to question themselves working there!

A Reddit user called out how an employer defined a ‘dress code’ for women, and it screams discrimination. 

The employer went on to be a little too descriptive about the attire the employees should wear. Now here comes the problematic bit, they defined the type of clothes a woman should wear to the office, the colours they should wear, the type of skirts, shoes or trousers they should wear.  

A skirt more than two inches above the knee raises eyebrows and questions. 

Hold on. There’s more, the employer also tells you what looks pleasant on you and clearly wants you to hire a hairstylist. 

Facial hair on a woman, however, is not a pleasant sight, as it is not associated with being feminine. 

You can read the rest here:

Well, Redditors found this problematic too, and here’s what they have to say:

Very well, since they are being transparent of their reasons, perhaps they should as well mention who in the office would raise eyebrows and who would question. Like, Mr. Creepy Gupta in the corner cabin likes to lech at women’s thighs and Senior Supervisor Mr. Pervert Pandey can’t control his urge to molest in the privacy of his tiny cubicle hence we recommend you not to wear. That would clear things further. An honest effort at transparency.Looks like an asshole made these HR policies and another asshole approved them. Meanwhile in an alternate dimension:- all facial hair on men should be shaved, to hide any raised eyebrows when women come to do their job wearing a dress they like.Back in the day they just used to say business formals or business casuals. Is this really 2022!

Someone also thought it was a prank. 

Please tell me it was a prank or something. This shit is definitely can’t be real.Could you show the entire document? Like all of the reqs including men’s reqs

Exactly, is it really 2022?

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