Watch TV. Stare out the balcony. Struggle with technology – that’s the life of an old person, right? Well not quite, because some people who are piling on the years are doing things even those in the prime of their lives aren’t doing. Check it.

1. Just 52-year-old Jyoti Ratre scaling Mt Elbrus, the highest peak of the Caucasus Mountains. No biggie.

Madhya Pradesh’s Jyoti Ratre recently became the oldest Indian woman to scale Mount Elbrus, the highest peak of the Caucasus Mountains. She overcame tough conditions and freezing temperatures to achieve this feat.

2. Yet another 76-year-old with a totally normal body. Nothing to see here!

Suffering from depression after the death of his wife, Tripat Singh started working out in his 60s as a way to cope with the loss. Now, he’s an inspiration to everyone trying to live a more healthy life.

3. How about Raj Kumar Vaishya, who casually passed his MA (Economics) exam at the age of 97?

He completed this milestone in 2017. Last year, Vaishya breathed his last at the age of 101 due to health issues.

4. There are way too many 73-year-old women travelling solo around India and the world, driving themselves. Right?

73-year-old Gurdeepak Kaur travels solo around India and the world, oftentimes driving herself.

5. Obviously, every 91-year-old man wakes up at the crack of dawn every day to water plants despite health issues. 

This 91-year-old man in Gurgaon wakes up early in the morning every day to water plants despite several ailments.

6. So what if this 105-year-old man and his 95-year-old wife beat Covid-19?

105-year-old Dhenu Umaji Chavan and his 95-year-old wife Motabai, beat Covid-19 despite their advanced age.

7. A 93-year-old man graduating as a student at the IGNOU convocation? Happens every day.

93-year-old CI Sivasubramanian, a retired director of the Ministry of Commerce, became the oldest student at the IGNOU convocation.

8. 50-year-old army officers-turned-models are a dime a dozen.

Nitin Mehta is an ex-army officer who became a model after 21 years of service.

9. A group of 60-year-olds travelling the country together? Happens every day.

Usha, Amrita, and Amrita’s husband, Robin – all in their 60s and friends for decades – took a 40-day, 4500 km road trip, with stops at Bengaluru, Hampi, and Chennai.

10. Just a 100-year-old grandmother who survived more than one pandemic, saw the rise and fall of Hitler, and fought for and celebrated India’s freedom.

Age? What’s that?