In movies, weddings aren’t over until someone unexpectedly happens to interrupt them and yells ‘I object’. To add the needed drama to the narrative, perhaps a former lover or to-be-newlyweds themselves must intervene during the wedding. 

Sure, it’s amusing to watch such incidents on-screen, but have you ever considered how that might play out in real life? Imagine the sort of chaos that would ensue. 

One of the Twitter users certainly did, and even went on to ask fellow users if they had witnessed anything similar in real weddings.

After an almost 10-hour wait, when she had nearly given up hope, Twitterati began to flood the thread with real-world examples.

Here are some of the stories they told that sound like they were plucked from a movie.

So, not everything shown in the films is entirely fictitious. The real world appears to enclose far more dramatic moments.