If you are here, after reading the title, I assume you’re wondering what there is to love in Mondays. Either way, hang on, because after reading this, you might not hate it as you do now!

I think Mondays are good because it makes you do things you planned long ago. In some way, it adds something new to your life, and there are other benefits too!

So yeah, consider this an unpopular opinion but there are many people out there who love Mondays and even have valid reasons why they do. 

1. “I look forward to Mondays because it’s my cleaning and laundry day. Something is satisfying about clearing out the dust and clutter of a finished week to make room for a fresh and full of promise for the new week.”


2. “On Sundays, you worry about how shitty your workday will be. On Mondays, you know how shitty your workday is. Stuck in limbo bad. Sunday bad. Monday good.”

– Prabhat Nambiar

3. “For me Mondays seem to go quicker. I think it’s because I get to talk and think about the fun stuff I did on the weekend.”


4. “I think Monday is a good day if you want to step out, say shopping, etc. Even movies are cheaper on Mondays.”

– Ira Shukla

3. “Just the thought of Mondays gives me a kickstart for the week. Everyone is facing Monday blues, which makes them less annoying than otherwise.”

– Karishma Pramanik

4. “I love Mondays because it sets the tone for the week for me. It brings hope that it is a new week, and I have opportunities to knock.”

– Chhama Awasthi

5. “Monday allows me to fix the sleep schedule that I fu*ked up on the weekend.”

-Taniya Khan

6. “I work in a car dealership. Mondays are the easiest days on the schedule because we don’t have delivery on Mondays, the work stress is saved for the other days and it’s usually a quiet day in my workplace.”


7. “For me, every Monday is a new opportunity to learn, grow and take on the challenge and to be better than the week before.”

– Karen Dsouza

8. “To make Monday amazing depends on how you have prepared it on the previous weekend. If you have done hard work on Sunday, then definitely Monday is going to be disastrous.”

Kajal Mehta

9. “They are the things that control our late night activities on Sunday..! Monday helps us to be in limits and control on Sunday Nights.”

Tejaswi Vajinepalli 

10. “Monday always represents to me a new start. A new chance to be a better person, to make the world a better place, to avoid the mistakes of last week. It’s kind of like a weekly New Year’s Day. There should be fireworks.”

Darla Stokes 

11. “We love to hate it, but secretly we may just love it. It’s the start of a stressful week but it’s also the start of your new and better self. There’s another way to look on Mondays. Sunday marks the end of the weekend, but Monday is the start of another week.”

 Poonam Jaiswal 

12. “Mondays are good for me because it’s five days more for the weekend.”

-Nirmiti Kamat

We hope this convinced you.