PM Modi has a very vibrant personality, so it's no surprise that we see a lot of people in him. We see a millennial, an influencer, and even our dads.

Today, we see why he is like a West Delhi boy. 

1. He likes to wear expensive gadgets and clothes. Gotta look sharp!

PM Modi in sunglasses
Source: Free Press Journal

2. Likes to travel a lot because YOLO.

pm modi travelling
Source: Sabrang India

3. He won't leave any opportunity to tell you he has 'foreigner friends', because image ka sawaal hai.

Pm modi with donald trump
Source: DNA India

4. Ghar toh bada hona chahiye.

Pm Modi home in central vista
Source: Twitter/Divya Prakash

5. Is not the biggest fan of working and you'll find him planning the next outing after 2 hours in front of the computer.

modi ji resting
Source: Indian Meme Templates

6. He likes to hold big parties where everyone gives attention to him (and only him).

PM Modi in a rally
Source: DNA India

7. Loves taking selfies "for sweet memories". 

Pm Modi taking a selfie
Source: India TV News

8. Really loves taking selfies.

Pm Modi taking a selfie
Source: One India

9. He is a jagraata enthusiast. Never a bad time to remember God.

pm praying
Source: Zee News

10. Loves his chai samosa to death.

pm modi having chai
Source: India Today

11. He very social, lives for gatherings where everyone knows him.

pm modi with bollywood stars
Source: India Today

The similarities are uncanny.