The platinum jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II are on and the unexpected star to come out of the whole thing is Prince Louis

A few days ago, he was seeing really displeased with all the noise while standing on the balcony with his great-grandmother.

Well, he hasn’t stopped since. Yesterday, he was photographed on the final day of the celebrations, with his family, and let’s just say he was not into what was going on.

Seriously, he was interested in literally everything apart from the ceremony. At one point, he grabs the hair of the girl behind him! He is 4, so that makes sense.

There is one video, in particular, that is doing rounds on social media and that is of the prince bothering his mother. Now, he clearly doesn’t care for royal protocols at this age, but his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, does…and has to. 


So that makes for a very funny sight. Prince Louis just going at it and the Duchess trying to calm him down so that he behaves for one moment. It’s all too funny.

And not trying to make this about myself but I gotta say my mother would give me one nice hit on the head even at this age if tried to shush her. The Duchess evidently has a lot of patience.

Naturally, people are finding great entertainment in Prince Louis’ antics and these reactions are proof.

See but he isn’t always naughty. Here are some really cute pictures of him with his mother in a rare moment of calm.

Anyway, royal protocol? What is that? 

We may have found ourselves a star.