Bigg Boss keeps carrying on season after season. Each year, different sets of contestants enter the dramatic household to get up in the morning, do some tasks, lose their shiz, fall in love, make friends with the wrong people, gossip, sleep, and repeat. While there’s no conclusive answer to what keeps people glued to watch the same thing over and over again, we’ve had an epiphany: the BB house is literally every other desi household.

bigg boss house life

Now, if you don’t take this to the extremes and look at the points below, you might just realise that we all grew up in a Bigg Boss house.

1. You eat what you get, no questions asked 

Don’t tell me that, growing up, you complained to your mom about not wanting tinde or karele for dinner, and she didn’t ask you to shut up. That’s highly unlikely!

life in Bigg boss

2. There’s no such thing called ‘personal space’

Privacy, what’s that?

desi house is bigg boss

3. You can throw as many TANTRUMS as you like while finishing a basic household chore, but you gotta do what you gotta do

What is this behaviour, Pooja?

Indian house as bigg boss house
Big Brother Universe YouTube
desi household as bigg boss
Big Brother Universe YouTube

4. Waking up past 8:00 AM is not an option 

Or whatever time your parents think is ‘acceptable.’

why every indian house is a bigg boss house

5. Your neighbours are WAY TOO vested in your love life

why Indian house is a bigg boss house
Voot – Bigg Boss 16

6. You need permission to eat junk food

we all grew up in a bigg boss house
ColorsTV YouTube

7. Not a day goes by without your sibling ANNOYING you for the most useless reason ever

indian households are bigg boss house
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

8. There’s chaos. EVERYWHERE

Imagine your relatives visiting you.

desi house as bigg boss house
IWM Buzz

9. There’s a sense of seriousness in the expression you maintain while snitching on your sibling who f*cked up

why indian household is every bigg boss family

10. There’s one strict head of the family a.k.a the BIGG BOSS

They can be either of your parent or grandparent.

Indian family as bigg boss house

Say, what? Did you grow up in a Bigg Boss house too?

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