While scrolling Twitter for a living — like I often do — I came across multiple tweets that began with ‘My toxic trait…’ On searching further, I found out that people have been confessing their toxic traits to the world. And to my horror, many of them were relatable AF!  

For starters, I don’t think having a toxic trait makes you a toxic person, but I do believe at one point in time, all of us do some really bizarre and problematic things for no apparent reasons. A case in point is these tweets people have been putting up, off lately.  

While reading through them, it’d be a good idea to introspect about your toxic trait. Everybody has one! 

Is this all of us?

Hi-fi overthinkers!

House of Boxes.

Ahh! One shouldn’t do that.

Only to check bank balance and resign to melancholy.

I call in niceness syndrome. 


I’m sure Kesariya is about to hit that category very soon.

A paradox called life.

Please tell him I ‘Adore You.’

Apart from most of these, my toxic trait is that I pick up three books at one time and then complain about my slow reading pace. Also that I show up for parties on time and then wait forever. And also that…wait… I shouldn’t go on. 

Well! Just like the last tweet says, BRB.