If you were to ask me what’s the most liberating feeling ever, I’d say that it would be to resign from a toxic work environment. Nothing’s more fulfilling than to give it back to the place which has tormented your soul for the longest time. 


Conversations around work culture and toxic work environments are escalating these days, and for a good reason. When employees devote their hard work, commitment, and time to an organization, the least they can expect is to be treated like human beings. What’s the use of that ‘super-flexible’ leave policy if they’re gonna guilt trip employees each time they ask for a leave?


The idea of hustle culture at work is even more exasperating. Like, why should I put in extra hours if my work for the day is done? Why does my manager want a perpetually overflowing to-do list to get the satisfaction that I’m working? The hustle is not fun. The hustle is not humane.

Just about a month ago, a man took to Twitter to speak about how India’s toxic work culture idealizes the grind and how it’s willfully oblivious to the fact that employees may have a personal life.

Am I hearing ‘couldn’t agree more’?

Some really quirky resignation letters have been going viral these days, and we were wondering if they’re just the perfect way to bid ‘adieu‘ to a toxic workplace.

1. Somebody legit said ‘bye bye’ because they had nothing more to say.

It’s interesting how some people opt for just leaving without giving employers the privilege of reason. Why to go through rigorous conversations again and again when they’re hardly going to change anything? Why explain how you never want to cross paths with any of them ever again?

2. Somebody told Harsh Goenka that they quit because ‘Mazza nahi aa raha.

Goenka took this letter very seriously. And yes, this letter could be for fun. But on a serious note, it does reflect a deep-rooted concern around employee satisfaction.

3. YouTube India shared this brutally honest and supremely to-the-point letter. In their words, a ‘nice resignation letter.’

Chaliye khatam karte hain‘ is my new motto.

4. An employee gave a piece of his head to a super-negligent boss.


Kudos Joe!

5. Somebody wrote this really aggressive resignation letter to employers who couldn’t even credit the right salaries.


6. An employee gave a full-fledged brutally honest feedback to each member of their toxic team because it was just so unbearable.

And people who’re nice deserve to be appreciated. This letter made sure it does that.


And ‘Please, thank you…’

7. Somebody detailed their frustration and how it affects the company on their resignation letter.

Ahh! The vicious cycle of life!

8. A frustrated employee wrote their resignation on a toilet paper because that’s how sh*tty their experience was.

You know what you do with sh*tty experiences? You flush them!


9. Somebody pulled off ‘it’s not me, it’s YOU’ while resigning.

Resignation from a hardworking employee because of toxic work culture? Surely, the company’s loss.


10. Boss didn’t give two effs to the employee. The employee returned the favor with a handwritten resignation on a piece of paper.

Quid pro quo it is.


11. Somebody wanted to send a meme in their resignation meme instead of a letter.

Did they actually send it tho?

It’s either this or ‘Acha chalta hun, duaon mein yaad rakhna…’ from now on.

12. ‘Sorry for your loss’ as a resignation letter is pretty cool stuff.

And their loss indeed!


13. When somebody reaches their saturation point, they say this.

14. A greeting card for farewell greetings to a toxic workplace is probably the way to go.

15. Somebody detailed the toxic work culture in their organization and how it essentially operates by sucking their employee’s soul.


16. Somebody dropped a book at their boss’ desk to let them know they suck.

This is super creative. Also, toxic boss’ should get to know they suck.


17. After four years of selfless service, somebody decided to give it back to their toxic boss.

The audacity of the boss to tell them they’re inconsistent after TWO sick leaves in FOUR years. 


18. An entire team decided to call it quits because they deserved better things.

If this ain’t teamwork, then what is?

Good bye toxic workplace. We deserve better!